Many of the short films I have produced have been video diaries of adventures and courses during my time with Wildeye. You can see most of these on ourĀ YouTube channel. My favourites were probably those with the Maasai people of Tanzania. I was acutely aware that their way of life was being rapidly eroded and not many more film-makers would be able to record their lives.

Here are just a few that bring back good memories.


This film, True to Nature, was not made by me but does feature me talking about the truth (or lack of) told by nature documentaries on TV. Bear in mind this was made in 2003 and things have changed somehwat since then, but I fear it may be too little too late.

The film was shot during one of our Wildeye courses and features footage of Norfolk Wildlife Park as well as some of Nick Gordon’s stunning footage from the Amazon. Nick was Wildeye’s first camera tutor until he tragically died in 2004.