Hello and welcome to my website.

I’m an author, film-maker, environmentalist, teacher and veganic veg-grower. I founded WILDEYE – The International School of Wildlife Film-making  – in 1999 and ran it for 20 years. You can find out more about that and other things I do on the About Me page.

This website is a place to collate my productions – mainly books, music, photography and films. I’ve always felt a need to create – not always because it’s enjoyable – sometimes it’s very intense and hard work. But I feel a need to communicate – often triggered by this bewildering crazy world we live in and the endless possibilities for change.

There is also a section on Veganic growing which I passionately feel is essential for the health of the planet and ourselves.

If you want to contact me please email: info@pierswarren.co.uk